Hotel Camaguey, Camaguey, Cuba
An ideal base to explore the valuable historical monuments of Camaguey City
Hotel Camagüey Facade

Hotel Camagüey

The Camagüey Hotel is excellent and ideal to relax, it is located in the City of which takes its name, old Villa of Santa María of the Prince's Port been founded in 1515. Their exact localization is in Central Highway, km 4½, Jayamá, Camagüey, to single 4 km of the more extensive historical center of Cuba, to about 10 minutes in car of the international airport Ignacio Agramonte of the city, to some 564 kms of Havana City and some 100 Kms of Santa Lucía's beaches.

Hotel Camagüey Bar in the PoolHotel Camagüey Pool

The Camagüey Hotel was inaugurated in 1975, it is a modern construction that was raised inside the lands of the old property "Villa Ángela" including inside its patrimony the house and the gardens of the same one. Has their name two origins, the first in honor the city that preserves him and the second in their predecessor, "Hotel Camagüey" that was located in the property occupied by the Provincial current Museum Ignacio Agramonte and that it was the best hotel in the city in their time. In the hotel you will be able to enjoy the gallery of local artists in the room of exhibitions; they are recommended the Cabaret - Nightclub "Camagüey", to few steps of the Hotel or the Night Center TRADICUBA with their purely Cuban shows. The most adventurous can unite to the visits to Lagoon "Porvenir" or other natural reservations.

The Camagüey Hotel is a headquarters invaluable of social, scientific, cultural events, it is a Place of reference ideal for trips to places of tourist interest of the city of Camagüey for what puts its disposition a minibus and an excellent place for the rest and the entertainment surrounded by a favorable typically Cuban atmosphere.

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