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HotelCamagüey , historical antecedents

The Provincial current Museum of Camagüey is a construction of architectural undeniable values whose more distant antecedent was the chivalry Barracks, built by the colonial Spanish administration in the face of the necessity of increasing the force of that weapon in the territory.

The commandant of engineers Don Juan de Campuzano was to the front of the work, finished in 1849 and erected in the well-known place as "La Vigía" that I eat his name it indicates, it served as watchtower before the possible entrance of pirates for the one on the way to the Slaughter that, in distant time, it was the only access road to the village of Port Prince for the north of the territory.

Old Camagüey Hotel GardenOld Camagüey Hotel

In the chivalry Barracks they were confined, expecting the death, Joaquín de Omen, Tomás Betancourt, Fernando of Zayas and Miguel Benavides who in 1851 they played next to other the first lift against the colonial Spanish power. Of the chivalry barracks they left on foot and strongly guarded until Méndez's savanna where they were shot. That is the reason for which the central street of the quarter of The Masthead knows it to him today like Avenue of the Martyrs.

When concluding the Spanish dominance, the managers of the rail company "The Cuba Company" took in lease for 20 years the facilities of the military old construction and they transformed it into the hotel "Camagüey", to operated for the own company.

During some years this it was the most modern hotel and of better offers in the city. The veiled ones, parties and tributes in their "Roof garden" made time. In 1943, "The Cuba Company" cancels the lease contract on the hotel and abandons him. It was no longer they profitable because the competition had grown in the area. Such a joint takes advantage of it who from years behind came making an effort because the city had a modern museum. In 1944 surrendered the building of the hotel "Camagüey" to the patronage pro-museum Ignacio Agramonte, The conditioning works were slow, difficult, they required a lot of money and troubles. Finally December 23 1955 were inaugurated the provincial museum officially "Ignacio Agramonte".

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