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La Soledad Church

La Soledad ChurchAmong the architectural jewels stored by this capital head camagüeyana, The Soledad's Church, majestic construction lifted in the same heart of the urban historical center. It was a hermitage first, when they erected it in the year 1697. Then, in 1758, the collaboration of neighbors and of prominent figures of the village they transformed it into what today can be appreciated.

La Merced Church

La Merced ChurchThe church of The Merced possesses the desirable virtue of looking less age of which has, built in the XVIII century. Fair for that armor luck before the step of the time is proposal - next to the homonymous convent located in their vicinity - to the National Prize of Conservation 2008.This Catholic group occupies one of the most central parcels in the capital agramontina. Among their numerous architectural securities it stands out the roof of vault of the church, considered one of the seven marvels of the engineering civil camagüeyana.

Here the visitors trip with a Sacred Sepulcher elaborated in silver, the biggest piece in that type in the country, for which the metal was used contributed by the 23 thousand currencies donated by a believer


Carmen Square

Carmen SquareIt is another well conserved group of colonial architecture. The square was created in the first decades of the XIX century, to expenses of houses, in order to a space that made stand out the facade of the CHURCH OF NUESTRA SEÑORA DEL CARMEN to open up.
The church, in restoration perspectives, is the only of two towers in the city. In their beautiful facade, symmetrical, they combine Baroque elements with the simplicity of the neoclassical compositions. Carmen, unique example, taking of the architecture of the domestic constructions the external pilasters and the arches interior mixtilíneos; and it conforms with them one of the most beautiful frontispieces in the Cuban churches.

Museum Simoni Country House:  home where they resided Ignacio Agramonte and Amalia Simoni

Museum Simoni Country HouseThe vetusta mansion still conserves the atmosphere suggestive that wrapped those lovers. The step of the years and of so many tied events with their existence, they have not been able to subtract him that magic that assaults the visitor. The House Fifth is erected at the moment as a Museum which jewel of the patrimony dearer camagüeyano. Rescued thanks to the action benefactress of those who don't allow forgetfulness, it has been object of different you work remodeladoras and restoring of their potential. It is a place for the rest, for the encounter between two different times and for the useful work in the breast of the society:  it is as a symbol of loyalty and of fidelity, feelings that honored as few, those lovers.

Provincial museum "Ignacio Agramonte"

Provincial museum of Camagüey Patio

Construction of undeniable architectural securities whose more distant antecedent was the chivalry Barracks, built by the Spanish colonial administration in the face of the necessity of increasing the force of that weapon in the territory. Then the Rail Company The Cuba transformed the facilities of the old military construction into the hotel "Camagüey" up to 1944 in that he/she surrendered the building to the patronage for-museum Ignacio Agramonte, after the works of conditioning mel December 23 1955 were inaugurated the provincial museum officially "Ignacio Agramonte" central patio it is one of the most beautiful and emblematists places of the city.

San Juan de Dios Square

San Juan de Dios Square

Without any other obstacle, as trees or seats, the Square of San Juan of God invites the onlookers to traffic for its immense space;  in this valuable jewel a group of sculptures is also exhibited to natural size, you stamp of a faithfully reproduced past time. There the beggar are, the slave, the proclaimed, the picturesque Creole.... it is as a mosaic of the old Villa. The wide esplanade achieved by the marriage Alonso-Hidalgo remains, beautiful and imposing, in the same center of the city head agramontina, near to the riverbanks of the river Hatibonico which witness that the step of the time doesn't achieve opacar, while waiting for the anxious tourist of the genuinely camagüeyano.

Monastery of the Ursulinas

Ursulinas Monastery

The property, of the first half of the XIX century, one of the architectural jewels of the Camagüey constitutes, and it omens to maintain for always the cultural connotation that you/they granted him the principeños of the XIX century, when they gave their fortunes to propitiate the education of their female.
The construction was built in 1829, four years after the Church of Our Mrs. of the Carmen (1825), building that had already granted name to the environment, and whose construction was low the Father's influence Valencia, paradigmatic beneficent figure of the Port colonial Prince.

Along the XIX century and until the decade of 20 in the XX century, the property served from headquarters to the Ursulinas, religious order that, although in very reduced number in connection with the aspirations and necessities of the time, it facilitated the education of important young boys among those that Dolores was Betancourt, daughter of Tomás Tweets Betancourt, first historian of the city.

Country Casino

Country Casino Entrance

Green heart of the city, place of memories and expansion opened up in the XIX century to less than a kilometer of the old Square of Weapons. It is said that the PARK GONZALO DE QUESADA, popularly COUNTRY CASINO is the biggest park in a city in all Cuba. It gathers in their exemplary interior of more than 120 vegetable species they live in the park, where in the natural atmosphere there are a wide diversity of facilities, streets and beautiful examples of the statuary. One of them is the commemorative of the Flight Seville-Camagüey (in the Spanish official récords Seville-the Havana), played in 1933 by the aviators Mariano Barberán and Joaquín Necklace, one of the feats of the Hispanic wings. They also figure a zoological one, an artificial grotto, area of apparatuses of infantile recreation, the Youth's Palacio Camagüeyana and a restaurant.

The Najasa fossil forest:  National monument

Najasa Fossil Forest

As a ghastly and at the same time beautiful landscape, the Fossil Forest of Najasa, town agramontina is erected that was rural neighborhood of the town head camagüeyana. Now already with municipality character keeps this admirable marvel zealously that it reaches near 200 hectares of extension, to become in only domestic and of the world with their special ones characteristic.

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